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Welcome to Brindle Books Ltd.

We are a new, independent publishing house, based in the North of England. We are dedicated to our goals of producing quality fiction and non-fiction, and helping to give new authors a voice.

Our catalogue is small, but growing, and we firmly believe in offering some of the fairest and most flexible deals in the publishing industry to help our authors grow and develop in the long term.

Please visit our submissions page to be kept up to date  on our submissions calls, and further details of our author deals.

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Read on for information about our current releases:


Normanby by P G Dixon

Our debut release, Normanby, the gripping new spy thriller by P G Dixon is now on sale in both paperback and eBook formats from a range of retailers.

To purchase a copy, please follow the link on the Books page.

Here's a link to some of the press that Normanby has received:

Could This Spy Be The New James Bond? - EU Today

We also managed to get the story picked up by other outlets:

Could This Spy Be The New James Bond? | US Culture & Style Today (


Brindle Books YouTube channel launches with dramatic book trailer video.

Brindle Books Ltd are delighted to announce the launch of our new YouTube channel. Our first offering is a book trailer for our debut release, Normanby by P G Dixon. We will be growing the channel in the coming weeks adding book-related quizzes, reviews and publishing news, so please subscribe to the channel for further updates. To see the Normanby book trailer, please click this link:  Book Trailer For Normanby By P.G.Dixon - YouTube


Could This Be The Creepiest Poem On The Internet

Brindle Books Ltd have announced the date of their second release, which will be a short collection of stories and rhymes, mixing Science Fiction, Horror and dark humour.

To celebrate the announcement, the team at Brindle have uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel of what is probably the creepiest poem on the entire platform; 'The Unhappy Courtship', which will appear in the book.

The new video follows their previous YouTube upload which was a book trailer for the company's first release, Normanby, the gripping and unconventional spy thriller by P. G. Dixon.

The thumbnail for the new video is a picture of the book's cover and once again, cover design plays an important role in the new release. It is, after all, the stated aim of Brindle Books Ltd 'to recapture the excitement that readers felt in the golden age of popular paperbacks, in the 1960's and 1970's, when they would get a visceral thrill at the sight of the newest paperback covers from publishers like Pan, Penguin and The New English Library.'

Richard Hinchliffe, the author of the work, designed the cover, along with his partner, Emma Garbett. "We wanted something new and strange as a cover image," he says, "in line with the content of the stories. When we came up with the eye motif, and actually produced the eyes for the book cover design on our kitchen table, we really liked the effect. Once we had taken photographs for the book cover design, and the creepy eyes that we had made were just sitting there, we knew that they were just too good to waste, and that's how the video came about."

The new title; A Little Book of Strange Tales by Richard Hinchliffe is due to be released on 1st March 2022 in both eBook and paperback formats.

You can view the strange and creepy recital of The Unhappy Courtship here: The Unhappy Courtship (from A Little Book of Strange Tales by Richard Hinchliffe) - YouTube (