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Brindle Books Ltd
Submissions Call!

The Brindle Book of Horror Stories

Volume One

We plan to release a regular Horror Anthology series..

Each volume will showcase new work by three writers.


What we are looking for:


We are inviting submissions of short horror stories. Each writer’s submission should be between 18,000 and 20,000 words. The submission should be a collection of short horror stories. This can be anything from two stories, up to twenty pieces of flash fiction. We like a structured story, and twists-in-the-tale are always welcome. Have a look at one of our other titles, A Little Book of Strange Tales, if you're unsure about the kind of thing we want. The most important thing, however, is that it is SCARY.


The submissions should not have been previously published, must be your own work, and must be in English.


We will be looking to obtain NON EXCLUSIVE rights to the work that you submit. That means that, after initial publication, you will be free to sell your stories again to other markets, as long as our right to publish them is not affected – and of course, you inform any potential future buyer of the works what rights we have obtained from you.


What you will get in return:


Don’t get too excited yet!


We are a small publishing company and we will be relying on eBook and Print On Demand platforms to produce this book.


When books are produced and distributed in this way, the printing and distribution costs are deducted by the platforms on which we sell/distribute the books. We are then paid a NET ROYALTY for each sale.

As our book will contain short collections by three authors, each of the three authors will be paid 20% of the net royalty payment that we receive for the sale.

Publication will be dependent on signing and returning a simple contract which will cover all of the terms mentioned here.

For further information about our terms, or any other queries about the project, please use the contact form on our contact page, or simply email is at: