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P G Dixon

Pawns were made to be sacrificed.

When Tom Grant is transferred from the glamour of MI5 to a little known intelligence department, he begins to think that his career is on the slide.

Then the investigation into the death of an agent leads him into a plot to strike at the heart of the UK...But who can he trust? The Colonel - the loud and overbearing Department head?...Major Green - The dashing war hero with the dedicated team?...or Normanby - The prim bureaucrat with dark secrets in his past?

Released on: 12th December 2021

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Bulldog Drummond



Introducing Bulldog Drummond:

Captain Hugh Drummond, D.S.O., M.C., late of his Majesty’s Royal Loamshires, returns from the war and finds peacetime dull.

In search of excitement, he places an advertisement in the newspaper:

“Demobilised Officer, finding peace incredibly tedious, would welcome diversion. Legitimate, if possible; but crime, if of a comparatively humourous description, no objection. Excitement essential…”

Drummond soon finds himself drawn into a whole new world of adventure, and a legend is born...

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Bulldog Drummond: McNeile, Herman Cyril: 9781739864880: Books

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The Thirty-Nine Steps

John Buchan

The Thirty-Nine Steps.

John Buchan’s classic adventure, The Thirty-Nine Steps is widely regarded as the ‘first modern spy novel’, and a prime example of the now popular ‘man on the run’ story.

It is the first adventure for Richard Hannay, Buchan’s hero who went on to star in four more of the author’s novels.

A freelance spy, who claims to have information about an anarchist plot, is killed in Richard Hannay’s London flat. When Hannay is framed for the murder, he goes on the run. Chased across Scotland by both the British Police and German spies, Hannay must uncover the secret of the thirty-nine steps before it’s too late…

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The Thirty-Nine Steps: Buchan, John: 9781739864897: Books

Mark Bridgeman

'Erased' is a new series of intriguing missing person mysteries from around the world by author Mark Bridgeman.

The first book in the series, 'The Missing Millionaire', investigates the mysterious disappearance of American millionaire Joseph Wilberforce Martin in London, England in 1913.

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The 'Lost' Village of Lawers

Mark Bridgeman

Available Now in eBook from Brindle Books Ltd

Also Available in Paperback

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‘The Lost Village of Lawers tells the story of the haunting and enigmatic abandoned village that nestles beside the shores of Loch Tay. Almost 1,000 years of surprising human history are hidden within its tumbling ruins. Unknown, unseen, and forgotten by many, this new publication reveals the story behind the ruins and attempts to answer the question that has puzzled so many people – just who was its most famous resident – ‘The Lady of Lawers’?’


(Since this title’s original publication, Mark Bridgeman (author of The River Runs Red and Footsteps at Finlarig), has sold out three complete print runs of the book, has appeared on both ITV, BBC Radio, and at numerous events discussing the magical tale of the abandoned village).

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To The Douro

(Wellington's Dragoon Book 1)

David J Blackmore

To The Douro

A young man’s decision to fight leads to a war within a war…

To love…

To loss…

…and a quest for vengeance, as he plays a vital role for the future Duke of Wellington.



To The Douro is the first thrilling adventure in David J Blackmore’s WELLINGTON’S DRAGOON series, following the exploits of Michael Robert's, an officer in Wellington's army during the peninsular war against Napoleon.

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A Little Book of Strange Tales

A Little Book of Strange Tales

Richard Hinchliffe

Our second release, A Little Book of Strange Tales, is a short collection of stories and rhymes to send a shiver down your spine.

Journey with us from the coldest depths of Outer Space to the burning pits of Hell in this collection of unsettling weirdness..

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A Little Book of Strange Tales: Hinchliffe, Richard: 9781739864835: Books

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The Unhappy Courtship (from A Little Book of Strange Tales by Richard Hinchliffe) - YouTube

The Missing Millionaire
(Erased Book 1)